Casey Anthony's Attorney Sheds Light On James Holmes' Court Case

How do you defend a monster? INSIDE EDITION talks to famed attorney Jose Baez, who weighs in on defending the indefensible. 

To most minds, the prosecution of accused Batman movie killer James Holmes will be a slam-dunk—or will it?

One man's opinion has real weight. Attorney Jose Baez successfully defended Casey Anthony—the woman who'd been accused of killing her own child.
INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "Do you believe it's a slam-dunk prosecution?"

"I don't believe in a slam-dunk prosecution. I don't think it exists," replied Baez.

"Your client, Casey Anthony, was often referred to as the most hated woman in America. Many people have suggested that James Holmes has assumed that title. How difficult will it be for him to get a fair trial?" asked Boyd.

"I think it'll be extremely difficult. However, it is possible," said Baez.

In a new book called Presumed Guilty, Baez spells out just how he pulled off one of the most stunning verdicts in criminal history.

The evidence against Holmes seems overwhelming. But Baez says that may not be the key issue.

"It's not whether guilt or innocence is the question, but as much as, 'should this person's life be spared?' " said Baez.

Many feel an insanity defense is the best bet for Holmes' legal team. Baez thinks that won't be easy.

"One of the toughest defenses to pull of is a 'not guilty by reason of insanity.' It's just a mountain to climb," said Baez.