Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Survivors

Christian Bale paid a visit to some survivors of the Aurora, Colorado, movie shooting, lifting spirits in the wake of the terrible tragedy. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

We're learning more about that surprise visit by The Dark Knight himself, actor Christian Bale, that did so much to raise spirits in Aurora.

He visited seven hospitalized victims, including 27-year-old Carey Rottman, who was shot in the leg. Carey posted a picture on Facebook with the caption: "What a great guy! Thanks for the visit Christian!"  

Bale also met with doctors, nurses and first responders.

Hospital Vice President Jamie Hayes told INSIDE EDITION, "He very patiently shook everbody's hand, thanked people individually, let you have a couple of minutes to talk to him. Those people who wanted to take pictures asked, and he turned no one down."

Hospital technician Crystal Flateland told INSIDE EDITION, "He was very sincere and very disheartened by everything that happened. But I think the fact that he was able to come out here and kind of express his feeling towards it, I think, probably helped him out a lot too."

Bale and his wife, Sandra held hands as they visited the makeshift memorial across the way from the movie theater where the massacre unfolded. They prayed with others who are grieving and laid a bouquet of flowers.

And amid the horror of the shooting, there is the joy of a new life. Katie Medley, who escaped from the hail of bullets, has given birth to a baby boy she named Hugo. Hugo's dad, Caleb Medley, lies in a medically induced coma in the same hospital, with a bullet through the eye.  

Hugo was born at 7:11am Tuesday and is named after the Hugo character in the TV series Lost.