Inside Katherine Jackson's Posh Resort Getaway

INSIDE EDITION got an exclusive tour through the posh desert resort where Katherine Jackson went to rest from the Jackson family drama.  

It's an exclusive look inside the ritzy resort in the Arizona desert where Katherine Jackson stayed for nine days as civil war raged within her family.

Katherine videotaped her extraordinary message, denying she was being held against her will by her own children at the Miraval resort outside Tucson.  

Standing behind Katherine in the video, along Janet and Jermaine Jackson, was Carol Stratford, Vice President of Marketing for the resort.  

"People come here for wellness, they come here for relaxation and they come here just to escape everyday life," said Stratford.

INSIDE EDITION got a tour of the $3,000-a-night villa where Katherine Jackson stayed. To call the villa luxurious is an understatement. You enter through an enclosed courtyard and the front door leads to a sprawling living room. There's a stunning view of the desert and the private patio has its own pool.

The villa where Katherine stayed has a full kitchen and she had healthy, low-cal meals prepared specially for her by the resort's chefs.

The large master bedroom has its own fireplace, and the master bathroom has a tub and a large walk-in shower with granite tile.

Everywhere there are telephones, including Katherine's bedroom and the living room.  

When asked why Katherine didn't call her worried grandchildren Paris, Prince and Blanket to tell them where she was, her lawyer reportedly said the resort "didn't allow phones of any kind."  

But the resort says that's simply not true.

"You can use cell phones in the privacy of your accomodations, and all of the rooms have phones as well," said Stratford.

So, Katherine Jackson wasn't cut off from the world. But considering the family chaos back home, maybe she'd like to be.