Tanay Jackson Speaks to INSIDE EDITION About Family's Feud

INSIDE EDITION sat down with Katherine Jackson's granddaughter, Tanay Jackson who says her grandmother is too old to raise Michael's kids.

As civil war erupts in the Jackson clan, Michael Jackson's niece, Tanay, is taking sides against the family matriarch, Katherine Jackson.

She says Katherine should not be allowed to continue raising Michael's children—Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket.

"I don't think she should raise the kids," said Tanay, "I understand that she is attached to them and she has been raising them and that's probably why she still wants to have a little bit more involvement."

"Do you think your grandmother is too old to raise these kids?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"Yeah! Yeah, I think she needs a rest!" said Tanay.

Tanay, the daughter of Tito, doesn't have any doubt about who should have sole guardianship: her own half-brother, T.J.

"The best person to raise them would be T.J. He's younger. He's a dad himself and he's a good dad," said Tanay.

T.J. is the former boyfriend of Kim Kardashian. Now, he has three children of his own and he's become a father figure to Michael's kids.

"Is he close to the kids?" asked Trent.

"Yes. They like him very much, that I know," said Tanay.

Tanay, who is trying to forge her own singing career, is the first member of the Jackson clan to speak out about the murky details of the growing rift inside the Jacksons.

She says that now-notorious spat between Janet Jackson and Paris caught on tape came out of an attempt by Janet to stop the headstrong teen from tweeting about the conflict.

Shocking tweets like this:

"My grandmother is missing. I haven't spoken with her in a week. I want her home now...If anybody sees my grandmother please call the authorities."   

"These images of Paris and her aunt getting in each other's face—what is the deal with with Janet and Paris?" asked Trent.

"Janet means very well. She knew that Paris did all the tweets and that's probably why she wanted to take Paris' phone away, so she wouldn't continue to cause all that hoopla," said Tanay.

"What's Paris like?" asked Trent.

"Paris is a teenager. She's a very sensitive person and she is doing what she thinks is right. Everyone will come together and things will be okay," said Tanay.

She says Katherine was not held against her will in a luxury Arizona resort, but that she was was emotionally and physically exhausted.  

"Why was she in Arizona?" asked Trent.

"She needed a break. She just needed to be close with family and talk out her issues and hash things out, and she needed some space to think," said Tanay.

Tanay believes the Jackson clan will come together and the feud will be settled. But with a reported billion dollar estate in play, she says anything could happen.

"What do you think Michael would think about all this?" asked Trent.

"I definitely think he would not be happy," replied Tanay.