Olympics Start Off With Criticism and Praise

The Queen's surprising role in a bit for the Olympic opening ceremonies got some laughs, but many Olympic fans aren't laughing over all of the empty seats they're seeing on TV. INSIDE EDITION has the details.  

There was controversy at the Olympics, as first lady Michelle Obama wore a jacket that costs $6,800. The gorgeous jacket is from J. Mendel, and the first lady's decision to wear it is triggering both criticism and praise.

"The jacket cost more than the average American family makes in a month," cried one conservative blog. "And she does this as Americans continue to suffer through a deep recession and record unemployment."

But a leading fashion expert was quoted as saying, "It's not wasteful. It's inspiring," noting the jacket was made in the USA. [Source: Robert Verdi]

The first lady seemed to be having a great time in London, hugging America's Olympic basketball stars after their victory over France.

Meanwhile, the Queen of England is taking her lumps on The View for her somber expression during the opening ceremonies.

Barbara Walters said on The View, "This is a woman who does not know how to smile! See that face? Would it have killed this woman, this Queen to go [smile]."

Everybody's still buzzing over the Queen's hilarious parachute jump into the Olympic stadium. Turns out, her stunt double was actually a guy. His name is Gary Connery, and he's an instant star.

The Today show's Matt Lauer asked, "Why didn't they get a female skydiver?"

"Good question. I  think they liked my legs. I've got queen-style legs," said Connery.

As the games go on, many are wondering, what's with all the empty seats?

CNN reported: "It's triggered a lot of angry repsonse from fans who've missed out on getting tickets."

It seems that many Olympic dignitaries and corporate sponsors aren't using their tickets, so the seats are going to waste. Officials are now trying to fill out the seats by handing out free tickets to soldiers.