Olympic Win for Missy Franklin, Olympic Controversy for Barbara Walters

Missy Franklin beamed after winning the gold in women's 100 meter backstroke in London. Meanwhile, many Brits are firing back at Barbara Walters for her comments on the Queen's appearance at the Olympics. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Barbara Walters is learning the hard way after triggering a royal mess by criticizing Queen Elizabeth's grim appearance during the opening ceremonies at the Olympics. 

Walters said on The View today, "You can't say anything critical of the Queen."

On Monday, Walters remarked about the Queen's appearance at the Olympic opening ceremonies, saying, "This is a woman who does not know how to smile. Would it have killed this woman, this Queen to do to [smile]?"

Her remark got laughs from the American audience, but not in England. The London Daily Mail headline proclaimed:

"One is not amused. Barbara Walters Launches Outrageous Attack On Queen Elizabeth's 'Sour Face.' "

On Tuesday, Walters said, "People from England said she has more class than I'll ever have in my entire life."

Joy Behar offered this theory about the Queen's scowling face.

"Maybe her royal Spanx are too tight," said Behar.

But Walters sounded eager to smooth things over.

"I think the Queen is magnificent," said Walters.

"Magnificent" is also the word for America's newest hero, swimmer Missy Franklin. Franklin was moved to tears after winning the gold in the 100-meter backstroke.

The 17-year-old star attends high school in Aurora, Colorado—scene of the Batman movie carnage. Now, a city still mourning the deaths of 12 citizens has something great to cheer about.

"Golden First For Phenom!"says the front-page headline in a Colorado newspaper.

Missy is also featured singing in the swim team's wildly popular "Call Me Maybe" video.

Now check this out. One-time Olympic hero Evander Holyfield wasn't even recognized on the streets of London. The boxing legend was asked his opinion of  the Olympics.

"Wonderful," said Holyfield.

When this "man on the street" interview aired, Holyfield wasn't identified, leading the former heavyweight champ to tweet:

"The Today show did interview me yesterday and ur right, they didn't mention who I was."