Matrix Director Reveals Transgender Results

Matrix director Larry Wachowski has publicly revealed his transition to a woman, now known as Lana Wachowski. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

One of Hollywood's most famous movie directors is now a woman.

Larry Wachowski, one half of the famed Wachowski brothers, who directed the blockbuster Matrix trilogy starring Keanu Reeves, has undergone a sex change operation. 

Wearing a sheer top, with her hair styled in hot pink dreadlocks, 47-year-old Lana is going public for the first time.

A just-released video shows Lana sitting between her younger brother Andy, and fellow director Tom Tykwer. The three are promoting Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry—one of the most eagerly anticipated films for the fall. 

Larry's transition into Lana has been in the works for years. Back in 2002, Larry was actually married to a woman, but he went through a nasty divorce after rumors swirled that he was a cross-dresser. 

E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles told INSIDE EDITION, "It might be shocking to America, but it's not shocking to the Hollywood community. There was talk at the Cannes Film Festival that he was cross-dressing. So, any of us who follow it, it's not too shocking."

It's unclear if Lana's transformation is complete, but with the new video she's coming out to the world—shocking pink hair and all.