More Details Emerge in Death of Producer's Wife

TV producer Bruce Beresford-Redman had reportedly admitted to having an affair, and took his wife Monica on what was said to be a "reconciliation vacation." He is now under investigation for her murder. INSIDE EDITION reports from the Cancun resort whe

We're learning more about the shocking murder in paradise. The high-powered Hollywood producer under investigation in the strangulation of his wife, actually brought her to a luxurious resort in Cancun, Mexico for what's being called a "reconciliation vacation."

Bruce Beresford-Redman, a former producer on the mega-hit Survivor, who also co-created MTV's hit show Pimp My Ride, reportedly admitted he was having an affair, and he took his wife Monica and their two young kids to the swanky Moon Palace Resort to work on rebuilding their marriage. Monica's sister Carla was quoted as saying that Redman was having an affair "with someone from work."

Mariza Alleria is a long time family friend of Monica's. She says she's shocked to hear about their marital problems.

"She always says that she loves him and she adores him, and she would miss him when she was out of town," said Alleria.

Hotel guests told Mexican authorities that they heard the Redman's screaming at each other Monday night, just before she was reported missing. A hotel security guard is also said to have seen them in a "violent dispute." When somebody from the hotel was sent to check on the battling couple, Redman reportedly said "they were fighting over their two kids."

Monica's body was found in a sewer underneath a concrete slab in the back of the resort. Mexican police now guard the scene. Masked officers wielding guns were on hand when Monica's body was recovered.

Redman was taken into custody but has now been released. He was ordered to remain in Mexico until police complete the investigation.

Monica's sister flew to Cancun to bring the two young children home to the family's upscale house in Los Angeles. A tragic homecoming after the shocking death in paradise.

The TV producer has not been charged in connection with the death of his wife. The victim's sister now plans to file a court order seeking custody of the children.