Did Vigilante Film Inspire Accused Colorado Shooter James Holmes?

An independent filmmaker says that accused Colorado gunman James Holmes asked him several questions about the guns and body count in his film just a month before the shootings. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's the movie at the center of shocking new claims about accused mass murderer James Holmes.

But it's not The Dark Knight Rises, its an upcoming movie called Suffocator of Sins, which features a vigilante superhero just like Batman.

Now, the moviemaker said Holmes called him to say he'd seen the trailer 100 times.

The director, Diggity Dave, an MTV personality who appears on Pimp My Ride, said in a radio interview that Holmes was obsessed with the movie's body count.

Dave said on KNX 1070 in Los Angeles, "He wanted to know how many people, you know, does Batman kill. He wanted to know if it was selective killing. Does he make a list of people that he's going to kill, or is there just a mass body count throughout the whole movie?"

There was also a chilling reference.

Dave said, "He asked me what, as the writer, why I chose the caliber of gun that I used. He said, 'Don't you think I could have put a bigger gun in his hands than a smaller caliber weapon?' He was just, like, ‘Man, that's the one thing that I'm disappointed, like it should have been a bigger gun, you know?' Like they should have been bigger guns."

Dave said he had two conversations with Holmes a month before the killer's rampage at  the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado that ended in 12 people massacred while they were watching The Dark Knight Rises.

"He talked about The Joker. He talked about how he couldn't stand the fact that Anne Hathaway was going to be Catwoman, it would ruin the movie for him in particular," Dave said.