Fiancée Misses Jumbotron Proposal

INSIDE EDITION talks to the couple seen across the country after a romantic marriage proposal at a baseball game didn't go quite as planned.  

Greg Altringer wanted his marriage proposal to be special. His wish definitely came true.

"Two months of planning this and thinking about it, and the anticipation of all that," said Greg.

He planned to pop the question on a giant screen in the outfield at Wrigley Field in Chicago, during a Cubs game. 

"I would have never imagined a proposal this big, or anything like this," said his now-fiancée, Erica.

Sounds perfect, right? What could go wrong?   

"I just needed her to step away for a couple minutes, and so I asked her to get a beverage, and it was too late," said Greg.

"I honestly was oblivious, I had no idea," said Erica.

By the time Greg realized she'd been gone too long, panic set in. 

"Asking the woman of my dreams to marry me, and she's not there for the scoreboard message, was a little heartbreaking at the time," said Greg.

When a clueless Erica finally returned from the beer run, it was too late. The message was gone. But it's never too late for love.

"I stood her up, and kind of acted like, 'Let's just get up and stretch,' and just got her in the aisle, told her I loved her and got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me," said Greg.

"I started bawling, to be honest," said Erica, "He got down on his knee and I said, 'Oh my god, baby, you're freaking me out.' Then he asked me, and the tears kept rolling but I said yes."