Flash Mob Proposal Takes Over Town

A man popped the question to his girlfriend in what may be the most elaborate flash mob ever created for a wedding proposal. INSIDE EDITION talks to the happy couple about the day they'll never forget.

It was just supposed to be just a night out for dinner with friends. Then, the flash mob started.  

Alex DeLoia had no idea she was about to be the star of her own viral video. She also had no clue that's she was about to become engaged.

DeLoia told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "When he jumped in I knew something was weird here."

Joey Lancianese had something big in mind. He even got permission to close down the street in the small town of Sewickley, Pennsylvania. And get this DeLoia works for the town.

"Friends and family that came from seven states were represented. People were coming from all over to celebrate with us. A bunch of strangers jumped in in the back and it just became bigger than I ever imagined."

The hundreds of people who took part in the elaborate engagement proposal spent three weeks getting ready.

"We had a couple of weeks of secret rehearsals. My go-to excuse was that I was going to a softball game, so she thought I was playing a million softball games," Lancianese said.

The practice sessions paid off.

At the end of the dance, Lancianese, who's a sportscaster, popped the big question.

And through tears, a simple nod gave him the answer he was looking for. DeLoia said 'yes.'

Trent asked Lancianese, "Joey, did you think for one moment that she might say no?"

"I was pretty confident she would say yes, and she did," Lancianese replied.