Police Say Woman Dressed as Nurse Attempted to Kidnap Newborn

Police say a woman dressed as a nurse attempted to steal a baby from a hospital, but was caught in the act thanks to the latest technology. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Barely visible behind a metal grill in a courtroom is the woman accused of one of the most audacious baby-kidnap cases ever.

Grisel Ramirez allegedly walked into a maternity ward dressed as a nurse.

Cops say she went to the room of a brand-new mom, told the woman to take a shower, and kidnapped her newborn while the mom was in the bathroom. 

The drama unfolded at Garden Grove Hospital, near Anaheim, California.

Authorities say 48-year-old Ramirez, a waitress, had falsely told her husband she was pregnant.

When her supposed due date arrived, prosecutors say, Ramirez felt she had to produce a baby, so she went to the hospital's maternity ward to kidnap one.

In a security video, you can see her breeze nonchalantly through the doors as she heads into the hospital.

Senior Deputy District Attorney John Christl told INSIDE EDITION, "She did do her homework regarding the different rooms that had newborn babies, and she asked questions of the mothers."

Cops say Ramirez actually put the newborn in a tote bag.

They say a security sensor on the child's ankle set off an alarm as Ramirez tried to leave.

"An alert doctor saw what she was doing, stopped her, looked in the bag, saw the baby, took custody of the baby, and detained her until the police arrived," a police spokesman said.

David Neal, of Arcadia Methodist Hospital near Los Angeles, showed INSIDE EDITION how the anklet works.

"Each band has an identifier and the baby is enrolled, so we know the baby and the band sensor, and that would set the alarms off," said Neil.

As for Ramirez, she was arrested and charged with kidnapping.

"No harm has come to the baby, other than being placed in a tote bag," said Christl.