Naked Man Survives Shark-Infested Waters for 24 Hours

INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on how you can save yourself as shark attacks and encounters have been on the rise this summer.

A naked fisherman prayed for a rescue as hammerhead sharks circled around him. A news helicopter swooped in to try to keep the aggressive beasts at bay.

The newscaster announced, "We're trying to use the chopper at the moment to drive that shark away."

Help could not come soon enough. Incredibly, the fisherman had been treading water a full 24 hours since his boat capsized in shark-infested waters off the coast of Australia.

When a rescue boat finally reached the man, he was almost too tired to swim the few feet to the ladder.

The newscaster said, "He can't move! He's slowly trying to breaststroke. He's not even moving in the water!"

Finally he was pulled to safety.

Would you know how to tread water for 24 hours and stay alive until help arrived?

INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recaño got some tips from lifeguard Jason Abraham.

Abraham said, "When you get tired, you can always lay on your back and do a back float."

Thanks to a boom in the seal population, this is shaping up to be the summer of the shark. Thousands of seals have descended on the East Coast of the United States at the height of summer vacation season, and the sharks came with them.

Just three weeks, ago a shark was spotted tailing a kayaker off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts. One man's legs were badly bitten when a great white attacked him off the coast of Cape Cod just two weeks ago.

It's all happening just as Discovery Channel premieres the 25th anniversary of Shark Week. The week kicks off with Air Jaws Apocalypse, which features amazing footage of sharks jumping out of the water to attack their prey.

But with all this talk of it being the summer of the shark, many are worried about becoming shark bait.