Cops Say Woman Allegedly Attempted to Murder Ex-Husband With Car

A woman stands trial for attempted murder for crashing her car through an office building in an alleged attempt to kill her ex-husband. INSIDE EDITION reports.

An SUV crashed into the lobby of an office building and a man went flying through the air. The terrified victim limped away with his leg broken.  

Then, the driver threw the SUV into reverse. It looked like the woman driving the SUV was trying to hit him again.   

That was no stranger behind the wheel. It was his ex-wife, 36-year-old Brenda White. Now, she's on trial in Salt Lake City, Utah, charged with attempted murder.

Her ex, Jon White, walked into court hand-in-hand with his current wife, Tiffany.

Brenda White is now putting up a unique defense, claiming she was so high on the anti-anxiety drug Xanax that she just didn't know what she was doing. She just testified that she can't even remember driving the car that day.

Former prosecutor John Q. Kelly told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't think the defense will work at all. First of all, if she did take a handfull of Xanax, she would have been comatose. So, I don't believe she did it, and I think it's a cop out. I think she was just angry, was venting, took it to extreme with her husband and Xanax has nothing to do with it."

Prosecutors say she actually drove down a narrow corridor and through glass doors aiming for her ex as office workers frantically called 911.

Caller: "A lady just drove through the building!"

911 Operator: "She just drove through a building?"

Caller: "Yes. She is, she was trying to hit her ex-husband, I think."

The story gets even more bizarre. Prosecutors say earlier in the day, Brenda stormed into Jon White's office and played a recording of  the song, "Angry Johnny." The lyrics include: "I want to kill you. I want to blow you away."

Prosecutors say she also mimicked a gun with her hand and pointed at his head. Four hours later, she allegedly tried to mow him down.