What You May Not Know About Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan first made a name for himself as the fittest representative in Washington. Now, INSIDE EDITION reports on what you may not know about Mitt Romney's running mate.

We're learning new details about Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, and it may surprise you. 

Ryan says the defining moment in his life came when he was just 16 years old and discovered his 55-year-old father dead in his bed at home from a heart attack. 

It's not just his father. Ryan's grandfather and great-grandfather all died suddenly in their 50's from heart attacks. That legacy has led Ryan to become a fitness fanatic. He does perhaps the most intense workout imaginable, called P90X. It's a regimen designed by fitness guru Tony Horton. Ryan even leads 6 a.m. workouts with fellow Congressmen in Washington. 

Eliza Shapiro of The Daily Beast told INSIDE EDITION, "Paul Ryan really likes to keep trim and fit. He says he likes to keep his body fat index between 6 and 8 percent."

Ryan is an avid outdoorsman. He's a marksman with a bow and arrow, and a big fisherman, but not the everyday kind with a rod and reel. Ryan likes "noodling," which is fishing with his hands for giant catfish, just like the Animal Planet show Hillbilly Handfishing.

Ryan was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin. He now lives in a six-bedroom, eight-bath mansion that is on the same street where he grew up.

In high school, he was elected class president and prom king and was also voted "Biggest Brown-Noser" in his high school yearbook.

He graduated from Miami University in Ohio, and, get this, during summer breaks he worked  as a salesman for the Oscar Mayer hot dog company driving the Wienermobile.

You may be surprised to learn of his taste in music. He likes hard rock bands like Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin.

Paul Ryan married his wife, Janna in 2000 after they met on a blind date. She's a former tax attorney who grew up in Oklahoma. She graduated from Wellesley College and Washington University Law School. Her family is a long line of Democrats.

Their 3 kids, Sam, Liza and Charlie have already made friends with Mitt Romney's grandkids. Romney tweeted pictures of them playing together.

Speaking on 60 Minutes, Ryan seemed undaunted by the challenge ahead as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

"Janna and I, my wife and I discussed this at great length. It is going to change our life but we really think that this is a moment in the country that needs leadership and we can make a big difference and get our country back on track," said Ryan.