Meet the Cast of Big Tiny

The world's smallest siblings will be featured on a new reality show called, Big Tiny. The talented brother and sister spoke with INSIDE EDITION about their tiny lives and big dreams.

Bri and Brad Jordan are the world's smallest siblings.

Bri is 27 inches tall, and her brother Brad stands just 38 inches tall, but they're reaching for the stars in a TLC show called Big Tiny, premiering on Monday.

They were both born with a condition called Primordial Dwarfism. They're so small, they have to ride in car seats, but you won't believe what they can do.

At 23, Brad is a cheerleader for his college, and everyone goes wild over his flipping routine.

Believe it or not, 21-year-old Bri weighs just 18 pounds, but that doesn't stop her from helping her mom, Christy, who is normal size, with the family shopping in Sandoval, Illinois.

And their dreams are as big as anybody's.

Brad said, "We can do anything, just like anybody else."