Did Al Roker Take A Swipe At Matt Lauer on Live TV?

It was another awkward moment on the Today show when Al Roker made a crack that some say was directed at Matt Lauer on live TV. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Did Al Roker take a swipe at Matt Lauer in the midst of an interview with gold medal winning Olympic rowers?

It began when Lauer was speaking to team captain Mary Whipple. He said, "The ladies threw you in the water after winning the gold. The tradition here in New York is to throw her into the Hudson River."

Roker hesitated before making his crack, "Which is different than our tradition—throw one of us under the bus!"

Can you say "awkward"?

Some believe this was an obvious reference to Ann Curry's abrupt departure from the Today show's anchor desk, which insiders say was partly driven by Lauer.

The internet exploded with immediate reaction.

"Al Roker Takes Jab at Matt Lauer On-Air," said one headline.

Another said, "Al Roker, Matt Lauer's Awkward Moment on Today."

Just one week ago, Curry returned to the air during a brief appearance at the Olympics and the coolness between her and Lauer was obvious.

Only one person really knows what was intended by Roker's crack, and that person is Roker himself.