Race Car Drivers Recall Terrifying Crash

INSIDE EDITION talks with race car drivers, Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov, who relive their devastating crash that was caught on video.

A heart-stopping video has been seen around the world of a race car plunging more than 100 feet, flipping over again and again in front of horrified spectators.

Incredibly, both the driver and his co-driver walked away.

Driver Jeremy Foley told INSIDE EDITION, "I felt quite literally the front end start to slide and I knew at that point that the cliff was near, we were going to go off and there was going to be a horrific crash."

It happened during a race on Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Foley was unhurt but his co-driver, Yuri Kouznetsov, suffered a dislocated shoulder. They relived those terrifying moments for INSIDE EDITION.  

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "What do you remember from that moment when you lost control?"

Foley said, "Once in midair I thought this is going to be the end of everything and I'm sure I'm going to feel some pain before it happens. Closed my eyes and hung on for the ride. Each impact felt like a very severe car accident over and over and over again."

Crash analysts have counted a total of 14 rollovers during the 100 foot drop before it finally came to rest.

Foley said, "It felt like an eternity. It was just a gut wrenching moment. Every time it hit it was worse than the hit before that."

Kouznetsov blacked out during the crash, but remembers injuring his arm.  

"It actually flew out the window and that's when I felt the dislocation. Luckily, I didn't land on my arm and I was able to pull it in," Kouznetsov said.

It was a steel rollover cage and sturdy helmets that saved them. A damaged helmet showed how severe the injuries could have been.

But despite their brush with death and the sickening images of the crash, both racers said they're determined to race again:

Foley said, "I love racing. It's in my blood. It's my passion."

To watch the horrific video, please click here.