The Search Is On For Missing Diver

Investigators are looking into the mystery surrounding Rebecca Weiss' disappearance after she went diving alone and never returned home. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The mystery deepens into what happened to Rebecca Weiss, a beautiful diver who disappeared without a trace.

The 50-year-old was reported missing by her husband, Alan Weiss on Saturday. He said she left to go diving alone at cove near a five star resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and never came home.

Rebecca's dive bag was found at the end of a trail near the beach. Her car was parked nearby but her cell phone was missing. Although it's officially a missing person case, the investigation is now being led by homicide detectives.

Rebecca's brother, Robert Causey, who just happens to be a Sheriff's Deputy, is leading the search for his sister and says he doesn't believe she could have drowned.

Robert said, "She's a strong swimmer, she was wearing a wetsuit. It does not make sense to me why  she could fall victim to the ocean."

He's also puzzled as to why her dive bag was not found closer to the water.

Robert said, "She was snorkeling out here. If you do have your item or bag you would leave it there so you could look up and check it."

Rebecca's nephew, David Causey, along with his wife are handing out fliers and is bothered by the report that she went into the water alone.

David said, "She usually went with friends if she went snorkeling. She normally didn't do things on her own."

David also said it's unusual that Rebecca didn't have her beloved Jack Russell, Neillie with her because she took him everywhere. Even more disturbing, Rebecca's mother claimed Alan was having an affair.

Alan Weiss refused to go on camera but issued this plea over the telephone, "Anyone that has seen Rebecca on that Saturday please contact the Sheriff's department."
Homicide detectives confirm they have met with Alan and do not consider him a suspect nor is he a person of interest in the puzzling mystery.

One detective said, "He cooperated fully and provided a statement which was the same information he provided to sheriff's deputies."

Rebecca, who is an accountant, is described by her family as a sweet soul with no enemies and they refuse to give up their search until this mystery at sea is solved.