Teacher Found Guilty of Having Sex With Students Inside Her Home

A high school English teacher and mother of three was found guilty of having group sex with some of her students in her own home. INSIDE EDITION has the full story.

Brittni Colleps is the high school English teacher facing a truly shocking allegation of having orgies inside her home with four of her students.  

Brittni, a mother of three, was teaching at Kennedale High School outside Fort Worth, Texas, when she began exchanging raunchy text messages with the students—all athletes on the school football team.

In one text, she described herself as an "anything goes in sex kind of girl." Brittni and the four students engaged in group sex at her home while her husband, a fourth class specialist in the U.S. Army, was away on military duty. One orgy was actually recorded on a cell phone and played in court.  

Deanna Boyd, reporter for Fort Worth Star Telegram told INSIDE EDITION, "Brittni's back is to the camera the entire time, you never see her face.  Prosecutors alleged it was her because of a distinctive tattoo she had on her lower back."

Prosecutor  Elizabeth Beach said, "It was progressing in her life and becoming worse.  And involving younger victims and more numerous victims, and more abhorrent sex acts."  

Three of the students testified, although none wanted to see her prosecuted.

Although the teenagers were 18 and older, it is illegal in Texas for a high school teacher to have sex with a student, even if it's consensual.
Defense attorney Lex Johnston said, "These were not boys, not children. These were grown men who connived, conspired, and worked with each other to be with this woman."

The 28 year old teacher's lawyer, Lex Johnston, said his client was willing to accept a guilty plea for a lesser charge.

Johnston asked her, "Did you want to go to trial in this case?"

Brittni said, "No, sir."
Johnston then asked, "Did you want to have these young men testify?"

Brittni said, "No, sir." 

Last week, during the sensational trial, Brittni's husband, Chris, broke down on the stand when he admitted that group sex was nothing new for either him or his wife.
Chris Colleps was asked by prosecutors, "Ya'll did some things sexually, together with other people. Is that right?"

"Yes, sir," he responded.   

Now, the verdict is in. After just 40 minutes of deliberations, the jury found Brittni Colleps guilty.

Her husband held his head in his hands and wept when the verdict was read on Friday. During the sentencing phase, Brittni's mother, Shirley Bush, begged the jury for mercy.

Bush said, "I'm asking you to have mercy on her, as someone who has never done anything in their life wrong, except for that time period. I'm asking you to have mercy for her kids, they need their mom."  

Brittni faced up to 20 years, but the jury, which determined her prison time, sentenced her to five years.  

Johnston said, "It's going to tear up her family."