Author Publishes Unauthorized Oprah Tell-All

Author Kitty Kelley has published an unauthorized tell-all book about talk show host Oprah Winfrey. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Kitty Kelley, the author of a new tell-all book about Oprah Winfrey, is claiming she's being banned from television's top programs.

Kelley, who wrote Oprah: A Biography, made the allegation on the Today show.

"Barbara Walters won't have me on her show because she doesn’t want to offend Oprah," Kelley told Matt Lauer.

Lauer asked, "Did she say that to you personally?"

"To the publisher," said Kelley. "And Larry King [said] 'I don't want to see Kitty Kelley.' "

On The View, Barbara Walters pooh-poohed Kelley's charge. She said, "The purpose of these books is to say, 'Did you know she's a diva? Did you know she did this, and did you know she did that?' And most everything good or bad about Oprah has been said by Oprah herself."

"I don't think for a minute that Oprah got on the phone and said, 'Barbara, don't have Kitty on.' She doesn't have to, she is that powerful," Kelley told Matt Lauer.

In the new issue of Oprah's O magazine, the talk show host is also speaking out about the book, writing:

"It just so happens there's a new biography, which I did not approve, and I
hear that 850 people were interviewed for it. I don't know 850 people! My circle is tight, tight, tight. If there are 850 people talking about you, it can't all be good."

Her best friend, Gayle King, echoed those words on Good Morning America:

"I'm thinking it's not going to make her book club selection...You know I have not read the book, but when I heard that she had interviewed 850 people I thought, 'Oprah doesn't even know 850 people,' " King said.

The book does reveal that Oprah and former TV personality John Tesh dated nearly 40 years ago when both were young reporters in Nashville.