Family Cries For Justice After Daughter Is Killed By A Jet Ski

The family vacation in paradise that became a nightmare when a beautiful teen was killed after a Jet Ski slammed into her. INSIDE EDITION spoke with the victim's family.

It was a family vacation to paradise you dream about—but no one could imagine the tragic turn it would take.

16-year-old Kristen Fonseca was killed in a Jet Ski accident this month in Hawaii. A 20-year-old tourist is behind bars, charged with negligent homicide.

Police said Australian Tyson Dagley was not looking where he was going and was standing up waving at his girlfriend. She was video-taping him from the dock when he rammed into the back of Kristen's Jet Ski. His attorney said it wasn't intentional but an accident.  

Kristen's stepdad, Mario Canton, told INSIDE EDITION, "We saw the whole accident and everything that led up to the accident. Kristen's head lunged forward and hit the steering wheel and she then fell back into the water face first. I was yelling for her to wake up and started to press her chest. I kept saying ‘Keep breathing baby, keep breathing.'"

But the force of the collision was too much. Kristen died the next day.  

The dangers of Jet Skis were brought to light earlier this summer when superstar singer Usher lost his 11-year-old stepson. His stepson was riding on an inflatable raft when he was struck by a Jet Ski, he was left brain dead and later passed away.

Videos all over YouTube show just how dangerous Jet Skis can be. The U.S. Coast Guard says 44 people died in personal watercraft accidents last year alone.

In the accident that killed Kristen, witnesses told police in Hawaii that Tyson Dagley was speeding. If he's convicted, he could spend a year in prison.

Kristen's older sister witnessed the accident and doesn't know if she'll ever get it out of her mind.

She said, "He wasn't paying attention and just slammed right into her."