Bachelorettes Get Surprise Visit From Prince Harry

Women throwing a bachelorette party ended up throwing a party for the record books when Prince Harry showed up in the middle of his wild weekend in Las Vegas. INSIDE EDITION talks to two of the lucky young women.

Three words on Prince Harry's shirt sum up his weekend in Las Vegas: "Let's Get Wild." New photos show him letting loose at a bachelorette party at the MGM Grand.

A close look at the shirt Harry was wearing reads "Let's Get Wild: Lauren's Bachelorette."

And now, the young women who were at the bachelorette party are speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

Sisters Lauren and Monica Martirano never imagined when they flew to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party that they'd be caught up in an international incident. 

"We went to Vegas for a bachelorette party and it was epic. It can't be topped," said Lauren.

"It's so crazy. We couldn't believe when it was happening. We were all looking at each other. We couldn't understand that this was real life," said Monica. "We actually approached him. We were at different cabanas. So we went up to him politely and started a little conversation. It was great. We had a nice conversation. Then the other girls came over, and that's when the vest story came out. He wanted to wear our vest."

Prince Harry, the third in line to the British throne, was staying in a $5,000-a-day cabana at the MGM Grand. The hotel is famous, some would say notorious, for its wild weekend pool parties known as Wet Republic. That's where Harry ran into the bachelorettes.

"When you saw Prince Harry up on the shoulders of his buddy wearing your bachelorette party shirt, what were you thinking to yourselves?" asked Boyd.

"We were just all speechless. We were standing there with our jaws dropped," said Lauren.

"I actually asked him if he wanted to keep our shirt if we could have either his hat or his necklace. He didn't take that offer," said Monica.

Lauren and Monica live in a suburb outside New York City. Lauren is not the bride-to-be Lauren. They asked INSIDE EDITION not to reveal her name.

They had a great time in Vegas, but they never expected their bacehlorette party would ever be making international headlines.

Monica said, "It could have been just like a normal celebrity, but it was actually the Prince, so that just topped everything."