Vegas Bachelorette's Reveal Their Time With Prince Harry

After their wild weekend in Vegas hanging out with Prince Harry, the women from the bachelorette party that made international headlines spoke to INSIDE EDITION to set the record straight.

They're back from a weekend bachelorette party in Las Vegas that threw them smack in the middle of an international scandal.  

The young women from the bachelorette party came to INSIDE EDITION because they said they want to clear their names after being falsely blamed for leaking those naked photos of  Prince Harry.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "Did you have anything to do with leaking the photos?"

All of the women collectively said, "No."

The now notorious naked photos of Prince Harry naked were actually taken the night before the bachelorette's even met the Prince.The bachelorette pool party took place at the MGM Grand hotel. The naked photos were taken at a different hotel all together, the Wynn.

Still, people over the internet are blaming the bachelorettes with comments like, "u singlehandedly brought down the royal family" and "You got harry into all kinds of trouble."

The women also want America to know that none of them ever went up to Prince Harry's room.  

Bride-to-be Lauren's Las Vegas bachelorette party was months in the planning.

Maid of Honor, Kristie even had shirts designed for the weekend bash. None of them could have imagined that the world's most eligible bachelor, who is third in line to the British throne would end up wearing a "Let's Get Wild, Lauren's Bachelorette" tank top. 

Kristie said, "We talked about it everyday. We were really looking forward to it."

Lauren said, "When we were in line we heard he might be there. We went up to him and we could not believe how nice he was he was just like a normal guy. He asked if he could have a shirt. He also wanted to know if any of us were single."

Boyd asked, "Did he have lots of security around him?"

"We thought he was just hanging out with his friends. We could not tell who security was. It looked like everyone was having fun. He was a perfect gentleman when we met him, very polite. He did talk to us for quite some time," said Lauren.

The lack of security around the prince surprised everyone. Lauren said she feels sorry for the Prince.

"The people around him should be blamed. Why they didn't take people's cameras. He was just trying to have some fun," said Lauren.

Lauren said she has no regrets. She wanted a memorable bachelorette party and she sure got it.

Boyd asked, "Are you going to invite him to the wedding?"

Lauren playfully responded, "Yes, I am."