Woman Looses Control of Her SUV After She Says Gas Pedal Gets Stuck

A driver called 911 in a state of panic, unable to stop her SUV that she says suddenly went speeding down the highway out of her control. INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman who's happy to be alive today.

Lauri Ulvestad was trapped in her SUV hurtling up a highway after she said her gas pedal got stuck and her SUV sped out of control. She called 911 and begged for help.

She said to the 911 operator, "I'm coming up on a bunch of cars. I am so scared."

The 911 operator sent cops to tail her and captured the terrifying chase on just released dash cam video.

Ulvestad: "I'm scared to death!"
911 Operator: "Alright, I know you're scared just calm down. Have you put your car in neutral?"
Ulvestad: "I can't get it to move."
911 Operator: "Are you able to hit your brakes at all?"
Ulvestad: "We've tried everything."

The woman behind the wheel fought to stay in control as she swerves to dodge cars. Going over the median again and again, three times in all.

Ulvestad: "Oh God! I have two semis. I'm going 108 miles an hour!"

Her terrifying ordeal was just beginning. She sped out of control for 45 minutes. She crossed two states, from Missouri to Iowa and reached speeds up to 115 miles an hour.

The 911 operator told her to lift up on the stuck gas pedal with her foot while also pushing down on her brake. Miraculously, it worked. When the SUV finally stops, Ulvestad, is shaken, but incredibly, she managed to avoid hitting any other cars.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked her, "Did you ever think that you were going to die?"

Ulvestad said, "I didn't think, i knew. I knew that that was it!"

She was reunited with her 911 operator on Good Morning America.

The SUV she was driving was a Kia Sorento. In a statement the company said, "Our technicians have been unable to duplicate the issue and this appears to be an isolated incident."

Alexander asked, "Will you ever be able to get this out of your mind?"

Ulvestad said, "No, I won't. Never."