Penn State Cuts "Sweet Caroline" From Playlist

Penn State has pulled Neil Diamond's classic song from their playlist and some are asking if the move comes in connection to the Jerry Sandusky scandal. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's more than just a song. Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" is an inspirational anthem that's played at athletic events across the country, including Penn State football games.

But now, the stunning news that "Sweet Caroline" will no longer be played at Penn State.

Why? Maybe it is because of the lyrics, "Touching me, touching you."

Apparently, those words are hitting close to home at Penn State, in the wake of the coach Jerry Sandusky's child abuse scandal, so the song has been wiped from the playlist.

Spokesman from Penn State said the song has no connection or relevance to the school, and denies it's been pulled because of the lyrics, but that claim is being met with skepticism by WFAN sports radio host, Joe Benigno.

Beningo told INSIDE EDITION, "I understand the sensitivity, but I think this is taking it too far. Why are they pulling it? If it's not about the lyrics, why are they pulling it?"

The 1969 song was the top hit of Diamond's illustrious career, but he waited nearly four decades before revealing the inspiration behind it, which is an image of young Caroline Kennedy, back in the Camelot years.

Caroline was delighted to learn she'd inspired the song, song, and happily sang it for Diamond when he was honored at the Kennedy Center last December, the president and first lady sang along too.

Who could have dreamed that this song would wind up at the center of such a controversy?