Sisters Believe Their Father Murdered Their Mother

A doctor accused of killing his wife faces off with his own daughters who say they think he murdered their mother in cold blood. He says he didn't do it. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a dramatic showdown in court.

On one side, Martin MacNeill, a doctor charged with murdering his wife just eight days after she got a facelift.

Across the courtroom were his two daughters and other family members staring him down while holding photos of the slain woman, Michelle.

Martin MacNeill's daughters, Rachel and Alexis, are convinced their father drugged and drowned their mother in a bathtub.

On Monday, the 56-year-old doctor, shackled and dressed in a yellow jailhouse jumpsuit, appeared in a Provo, Utah, courtroom to be charged with his wife's murder. He denies any wrongdoing.

Rachel said, "She means so much to so many people and this is who he took away. This is our mother."

Alexis said, "Today's the first time there is some kind of justice for our mother who was murdered."

Martin was once a respected doctor and Sunday school teacher. His beautiful wife was a former beauty queen. They had eight children.

Home video showed Dr. MacNeill hugging his daughter Alexis as she surprised him on Christmas day in 2003. She once idolized her dad, but everything crumbled when her mother was found dead in her bathtub in 2007.

Martin made a frantic 911 call after his wife died, Alexis said her father's distress was all an act.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "Your mom passed away, you don't think it was an accident?"

Alexis said, "I know my father killed my mother. He's an evil man."

Eight days before Michelle's death, she'd had a facelift, reportedly at her husband's insistence. A few days into her recovery, Alexis said her father admitted to giving her mom too much pain medication. Something investigators called a practice run for murder.

Alexis said, "She was just really drugged and I went to my dad and asked ‘What did you give her?' and goes, ‘Oh, well maybe I just gave her too much.'"

Investigators believe Martin killed his wife because he was having an affair with a woman named Gypsy Willis, who moved into his home as a nanny, right after Michele's death.

Moret asked, "Did your mother ever express she was worried something would happen to her?"

Alexis said, "She told me three days before her death, if anything happens to her, make sure it wasn't my father."

For the past five years, Alexis said she has been living in fear, scared that her father would come after her next. She even installed surveillance cameras throughout her home for protection.

Martin has denied doing anything to harm his wife. In 2009 he was convicted of fraud and was just released after serving three years in prison.

Now, he faces much more serious murder charges.

Alexis says she won't rest until her father is locked up forever, "We lost our mother, she was best my best friend, she was my life."