The Parties of Prince Harry's Hot Las Vegas Tour

INSIDE EDITION went inside the Wet Republic pool party in Las Vegas where Prince Harry's wild weekend went into high gear, to find out what really goes on at Sin City's wildest party.

It's a pool party, Sin City style. It's the crazy scene that got Prince Harry into such hot water, and it's a pool party unlike any you've ever experienced.

Harry stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel, which boasts the wildest pool scene in Las Vegas, known as "Wet Republic." It's where the beautiful people hang out, and where Harry hung out with those bachelorettes.

The music is so loud, that all the people who work there wear earplugs. Drinks are served by poolside beauties like a young woman in a bikini, who brought a bottle of bubbly to INSIDE EDITION producer, Brianna Deutsch.

The cheapest thing that you can get is a bottle of Moet champagne for $425.

Deutsch happened to be wearing a zebra-patterned top, and promptly found herself invited to a wacky zebra-pattern theme party.

It was 99 degrees on the pool deck, and a little bit of shade will cost you plenty. Can you believe a simple daybed under an umbrella goes for $1,500 per day? That's a bargain, compared to the cabanas like Prince Harry stayed in to keep cool, they cost $7,500 per day.

Of course, it's a whole new scene at night. The Wynn hotel, where Harry had that memorable swimming race with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte draws many people. Harry also clinked glasses with friends in an expensive private room. In the clubs, there was booming music, pole dancing, and dancing 'til dawn.

Under circumstances like these, is it any wonder a young man like Prince Harry might lose his head, and his clothes?