Rescuing Pets Stranded By Hurricane Isaac

INSIDE EDITION is on the scene in Louisiana to help rescue many pets that were left stranded in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.

They are Hurricane Isaac's littlest victims and INSIDE EDITION went on a mission to save them.

It was a water world in Braithwaite, Louisiana today. The levy INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd and crew were driving on was overlflowing.

Boyd rode with Dean Alfonso who was worried sick for his cat and was making the perilous journey home in the flooded parish to save him. Animals could be found in desperate situations everywhere you look.

When Boyd and crew finally reached the heart of the devastation, it was a race for time where you can only go on by boat.

Robert Sanders was also anxious to reach his dogs and cats, having been forced to leave them behind when he evacuated his family as the hurricane hit.

Boyd asked Sanders, "I noticed you brought your handgun Robert."

"There was a couple of alligators out here this morning. There was a dead deer and they grabbed it," said Sanders.

Sanders was hoping his pets stayed on the second foor of his home. The first floor was completely underwater. Incredibly, they all made it. Three dogs and 23 cats. Even the parrot was alive. As Boyd and Sanders load one grateful little guy after another.

Sadly, a neighbor named Dean found only heartbreak in his house when he found his cat didn't make it.

Dean said, "The house went completely underwater, all the way up to the roof. I came to check on an animal that I had left, and it didn't make it."

There will be time to mourn later. For now, it was time to get the little Noah's Ark to dry land and get the little guys some badly needed food and clean drinking water.