Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Trashed Liz Taylor's Trailer

A movie trailer once used by Elizabeth Taylor was returned vandalized after Lindsay Lohan used it while filming the biography on Taylor. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A lavish trailer once used by Elizabeth Taylor during the making of Cleopatra has been trashed, allegedly by Lindsay Lohan.

Angel Alger, who owns the trailer, was shocked to see thousands of dollars in damages when the trailer was returned to her after Lohan filmed Lifetimes' upcoming TV movie, Liz and Dick.

Alger told INSIDE EDITION, "It's unbelieveable, it's sad, it's tragic. I couldn't believe the horrific damage."
Alger said she's a big Liz Taylor fan and she bought the trailer with her life savings for $50,000. She loaned it out for the filming of Liz and Dick, in which Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor and when she got it back she was horrified by the vandalism.

"I was promised it would come back to me in pristine condition. When I got it back I was shocked, I started crying," Alger said.
Photos show cigarette burns on the fabric, a black smudge covers the nose of a Liz Taylor portrait. Dishes and glass are broken. That's not all. Angel says the trailer is also missing valuable antiques.

"I would say, 'Lindsay are you in trouble? Do you need help? How can we help you,'" said Alger.
So how is Lohan handling her latest troubles? She's headed cross country to New York, leaving her problems in Los Angeles behind and she's reportedly moving to the trendy Tribecca neighborhood in downtown Manhattan.

Lohan's publicist said the actress worships Elizabeth Taylor and "there is no way she would ever destroy anything connected to her."