Gabby Douglas Speaks Out About Being Bullied

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Olympic champion Gabby Douglas, who says she was bullied at the gym where she trained, but the gym denies it ever happened.

Gold medal  winner Gabby Douglas is not backing down.

She told INSIDE EDITION'S Megan Alexander today that she was the victim of bullying and the subject of racist jokes when she was a youngster training at a gymnastics academy in Virginia.   

Alexander asked, "Why was it important to you to speak out?"

"I think it is very important for me to speak out just to know about my story," said Douglas.

Douglas created a firestorm when she recently told Oprah Winfrey how hurtful she found some of the comments directed at her at the Excalibur gymnastics academy in her hometown of Virginia Beach.

Winfrey asked, "Racist jokes like what? Can you share any of them?"

"I'll share one with you. So we scrape the bar, and one of my teamates was like, can you scrape the bar, and they were like, why doesn't Gabby do it, she is our slave. So it was very offensive," said Douglas.

Now, Gabby's coach for six years, Dena Walker, tells INSIDE EDITION she's shocked by what Douglas is saying about her time at Excalibur.

"I don't even have words to describe how we feel," said Walker. "When I heard the comments that Gabby was making about our gym, I was very hurt because I had never heard anything like that. She had never mentioned anything to me. I'm not saying it wasn't said, but the context it was said would not have been because of her race."

Walker says there is one part of Douglas' account that she knows is just factually wrong.

In her interview with Winfrey, Douglas said, "I was the only African-American at that gym. I definitely felt isolated."

Responding to the interview Walker said, "That's just not true."

In fact, Morgan Evans was on the same team as Douglas. She's now a coach at the center.

"That's not a true statement because there were other African-Americans training while she was training here, including myself." said Evans.

Douglas also tells the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine that somebody at Excalibur suggested she get a nose job because she had a  "flat nose".

"I have never in my life heard that," said Walker.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Douglas in Charlotte, also the site of the Democratic National Convention, as she helped kick off a Kids Health Goes Gold campaign.

The strained relationship between Douglas and her former coach may stem from the young gymnast's decision in 2010 to leave Excalibur and move to Iowa so she could train with a better known coach, Liang Chow, who trained Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson.

Controversy aside, Douglas has earned her new found fame. Tomorrow she heads to Los Angeles for MTV's Video Music Awards Show.

Alexander asked, "Who do you want to meet?"

"Little Wayne," said Douglas.