Michelle Obama Maintains "Mom-in-Chief" Role As Her Top Priority

INSIDE EDITION talked to first lady Michelle Obama about the role she keeps as her top priority—Mom-in-Chief, and how life in the White House has shaped her daughters.

Michelle Obama's eyes swelled with tears as she spoke about her daughters Malia and Sasha, who proudly watched mom's big speech from home at the White House with their dad.

Michelle told INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville, "At the end of the day, my most important title is still "Mom-in-Chief."

President Obama personally tweeted a photo, saying, "Michelle's biggest fans were watching from home."

In her speech at the Democratic National Convention, Michelle said, "My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world."

On the eve of the speech, the Mom-in-Chief talked one-on-one with Deborah Norville about how her precious girls are handling dad's re-election campaign.

Norville asked, "As the girls have gotten bigger, they're more aware of what's going on the good the bad and the ugly, and often in politics there's a lot of the latter. How do you shield them? How much do they know about the rough and tumble of the campaigns?"

"They're like any kids, they don't focus on politics," said Michelle.

"Even though dad is the president?" asked Norville.

"Especially because dad is the president. Malia once said, 'That's your thing! I've got my life.' They're still teenagers. They're taking in the information that teenagers are taking in. They're not watching CNN. They're not reading the headlines in the papers," said Michelle.

The first lady is getting rave reviews for her big speech at the convention. Actress Rosario Dawson was swept up in the moment.

Dawson told INSIDE EDITION, "I was staring at her going, she's a great orator. She's very confident. She's very strong. I really love how personably she speaks."

The first lady glowed in a $450 custom-made dress from New York designer Tracy Reese. It showed off her toned arms and the color, which fashonistas are calling "rhubarb" looked beautiful on Michelle.

Tracy Reese was ecstatic that the first lady chose her dress, tweeting: "Thanks everyone for sharing this amazing moment! We are all so grateful and honored to have dressed Mrs. Obama for such a momentous speech!!"

The first lady is also getting raves for, of all things, her nail polish. Fashion watchers point out that the blue-gray color actually matched the bottom of her dress.

Michelle revealed that Sasha and Malia will be at the convention Thursday when President Obama accepts his party's renomination.
Michelle said, "This is the first week of school. Malia is starting high school, so she didn't want to miss any of that, or not much of it. So they'll fly down after school, hear his speech, get on a plane and fly back."

"Even when your dad is president, there is no excused absence," said Norville.

"You know, I leave it to them. Obviously people would excuse them, but I asked, and they said we want to get into school. We kind of take their lead and they love their lives and they love being regular girls," said Michelle.