Woman Potty Trains Children In Restaurant

In a jaw-dropping move, a woman decided to potty train her children at a table of a restaurant full of people. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A little girl was seen being potty trained in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and her twin sister was being potty trained too. The unappetizing scene unfolded at a popular restaurant near Salt Lake City, Utah.

A woman having lunch at the restaurant found the potty training so hard to swallow, she took a photo which has now gone viral.

The potty training sparked a lot of chatter on Facebook and Twitter, with one disgusted mom tweeting, "Some things are just not meant to be done in public."

Another agreed, "Have we no manners or just plain common sense?"

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb of NBC's Today show were as disgusted as some of the diners who were there.

"That is nasty, " said Kotb.

"I agree with you," said Gifford.

"Potty training in public just stinks," according parenting expert Lisa Belkin. "I dont think there is a question here this is a very inappropriate thing to do in a restaurant. Period. End of conversation."

The restaurant owners say there were several complaints, but it all came to an end before the family could be asked to leave.

"The incident was not reported until after the fact. The guest would have been asked to move to the restroom for the health and safety of other guests," said one spokesman.