This 5-Month-Old Baby Has Shoulder-Length Hair

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A 5-month-old baby is turning heads for her gorgeous, shoulder-length hair

Dolly was born with a full head of hair, mom Katie Canham, 32, told Caters News Agency. And since then, it hasn't stopped growing. 

“The first time I bathed her hair it was amazing; I couldn’t believe how long it was," said Canham, who lives in South London. "She had her fringe cut at 3 months old because it was getting in her eyes."

Dolly's hair has to be brushed daily, her mom added, otherwise it gets matted. 

“People usually say she looks like a doll and when I tell them her name is Dolly, they say, ‘That is the perfect name.'"

Dolly isn't the only baby with model-worthy locks. Check out the video above to see more.


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