5 Naked People Pulled From BMW in Car Crash in Strange Kidnapping Case: Police

Five naked people were pulled from car in kidnapping investigation
Royal Canadian Mountain Police discovered five people, sans clothes, after traffic collision.Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

A car full of naked people were discovered by cops investigating a traffic crash.

Five people wearing only their birthday suits were pulled from a crumpled car when a bizarre kidnapping case ended with an automobile wreck, authorities said.

Three adults and two female juveniles were in a BMW that crashed into a ditch, the Royal Canadian Mountain Police said. They weren't wearing clothes and temperatures were freezing. 

Kidnapping charges are pending against the adults, police said. They allegedly forced a man, a woman and their newborn into a car and sped off from the family's home in Alberta on Monday, authorities said.

The man was able to escape from the moving BMW's trunk on a snow-lined rural highway, CTVNews reported. The mother, clutching her baby, was also able to break free and flee the car.

A truck driver stopped to help the barefoot pair on the side of the road, authorities said. 

That's when the BMW plowed into the truck's rear bumper and veered into a culvert, where police said they found the five naked occupants.

The two unclothed minors were released without charges being filed, police said. The three adults in the BMW are being held pending charges being filed, the RCMP said in a statement Tuesday. 

Authorities said the alleged abduction was a targeted event and that the parties knew each other. Drugs and alcohol could be factors in the collision, police said.

Photos and video from the scene showed officers leading handcuffed, naked adults to police cruisers.