5-Year-Old Boy and 90-Year-Old Great-Grandparents Dress as Characters From 'Up' in Birthday Photo Shoot

Elijah Perman, 5, celebrates his birthday with a sweet photo shoot, featuring his great-grandparents.
Elijah Perman, 5, celebrates his birthday with a sweet photo shoot, featuring his great-grandparents.(Rachel Perman Photography)

Elijah's mom said Disney's "Up" is his favorite movie of all time.

What better way to celebrate a 5-year-old’s relationship with his great-grandparents than with a sweet “Up”-themed photo shoot?

Elijah Perman, 5, was photographed dressed up as Russell as his 90-year-old great-grandparents, Richard and Caroline Bain, dressed as Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from Disney’s 2009 film, all to celebrate his birthday.

“I wanted to celebrate the things they love with photos,” his photographer mom, Rachel Perman, told InsideEdition.com. “Elijah is very particular. He is borderline addicted to ‘Up’ and has been for several years. It’s the only thing he draws and colors and the only books he wants to get at the library.”

Even though his great-grandparents have never seen the movie, Perman said they went the extra mile to go to the thrift store and get all the supplies they needed for the photos.

“Grandpa even went to the thrift store to get the jacket and hose,” Perman said. “He said, ‘I noticed in a photo Carl had a hose over his shoulder.’”

She explained she wanted to do something special to celebrate her kids’ birthdays this year because she wasn’t sure she would be able to witness the big day.

“I was diagnosed with cancer right after the twins were born and had fears if I would even get to see their fifth birthday,” Perman said. “It’s a celebration for me and them.”

Elijah’s twin sister, Emilee, celebrated with a unicorn-themed princess photo shoot, where she posed next to a white horse draped in flowers wearing a makeshift horn.

“They see me leave frequently to take other people’s photos so they were excited to do something special,” Perman said.