5-Year-Old Girl Gets New Ear After Being Born With Rare Condition

Callie's parents, Meghan and Brett, just want their only child to be happy.

One 5-year-old is living a new life.

Callie Foreman is a typical kid who loves drawing and gymnastics. She was born without a right ear due to a condition known as Microtia. Now, for the first time in her life. she has a right ear.

Callie and her parents, Meghan and Brett, turned to Bob Barron. For 25 years, he was a master of disguise for the CIA, creating entirely new identities for spies and appearances. 

He took an impression of Callie's left ear to create a silicone prosthetic that's a mirror image. Three months after that first visit, the new ear was ready. Callie flashes a big smile when she looked in the mirror and saw two ears for the first time.

Callie's parents just want their only child to be happy.

“She wants it so people don't look at her and point and stare because it makes her uncomfortable,” her mom said. “We love her the way she is, she's perfect to us, but we want her to be comfortable."