5-Year-Old Girl Gets Turned Into Captain Marvel

A young girl's dad gave her the surprise of a lifetime when he turned her into Captain Marvel on a poster inside their local movie theater.

A 5-year-old girl got the makeover of a lifetime when her dad surprised her with a "Captain Marvel" poster at her local movie theater — featuring her Photoshopped into the titular role. 

Little Nellee's father, Josh Rossi, is a professional photographer renowned for using his abilities to turn his daughter into superheroes. “My daughter is obsessed with 'Captain Marvel,'” Rossi said in a YouTube video of the surprise. “So I decided to surprise her with something right after the premiere.”

Nellee was stunned when she saw the image inside the theater. 

"If we can give her something that she just loves and she can show to her friends, you know I think that would empower her," Rossi told Inside Edition.

Dressed in a Captain Marvel costume, Rossi had Nellee strike countless poses to achieve the look, a process he documented in a post on his website.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, surprised lucky moviegoers at a theater in New Jersey. Donning a character-themed sweatsuit, Larson worked the concession stand, handing out soda and popcorn and snapping selfies with fans.