5-Year-Old Girl With Leukemia Becomes Tattoo Artist for a Day

Maja, who has leukemia, got to be a tattoo artist for a day.
A Special Wish/Facebook

Little Maja designed a panda tattoo that was inked on her dad and her aunt.

A little girl battling leukemia had her fondest wish fulfilled — she got to become a tattoo artist.

Thanks to the Cleveland Chapter of A Special Wish, and local tattoo artists, little Maja got to spend a day as dispenser of permanent ink.

She honed her new craft on a grapefruit, etching her name into its dimpled skin. She also designed a panda tattoo, which was inked on her dad and her aunt.

The owners of Voodoo Monkey Tattoo tutored Maja in the fine art of designing and detailing tattoos, showing her a collection of colors and application techniques.

The little girl's mother reached out to the nonprofit organization, saying her daughter wanted to be a tattoo artist. The group then reached out to Voodoo Monkey, according to the charity's Facebook page.

Maja was also treated to tacos and ice cream on her special day.

"Something tells us that Maja's tattoo is going to be very popular at Voodoo Monkey!" reads a post on the site.