500-Year-Old Mummy of Little Girl Returns to Bolivia

The girl had been at Michigan State University for years.

The mummy of a Bolivian girl is being returned to Bolivia after 129 years in the U.S. 

The girl, who is referred to as Nusta — or princess in the Quechua language —  was initially brought to the U.S. 1890 and had most recently been at Michigan State University.

But two weeks ago, the 500-year-old girl returned to Bolivia so academics can further study the body in attempt to learn more history. Bolivia has made an effort in recent years to regain archeological assets illegally taken from the country over the years. 

The girl is in an excellent preservation state. She still has her black hair and is dressed in a dress made from a llama or alpaca, according to reports. It’s believed she lived during the Inca period. 

She was buried with sandals, a small clay jar, pouches, feathers and several types of plants, and researchers are still trying to figure out what status she may have held.

The remains are expected to begin being studied in Bolivia, where they hope to establish things like the cause of death and diet.

The preliminary findings of their research are expected to be released in November and Nusta will also be displayed at the Museum of Archaeology for the Feast of the Dead celebrations.