Leaving Amish Country For the Catwalk

INSIDE EDITION talks to the young girl who's leaving Amish life behind to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

She's a pretty Amish girl who packed up and moved to the big city, and ended up as a bikini model.

Kate is one of the stars of the unprecedented new TLC reality show Breaking Amish.

Cameras document every move as Kate and four friends leave their insulated world and move to Manhattan.

"It was very shocking and it was a big adjustment," said Kate.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Kate and her co-star Sabrina about their incredible fish-out-of-water story—the reverse of the movie Witness, in which a big-city cop played by Harrison Ford goes to live with the Amish.

Kate actually got in trouble with the law at one point, being busted for DUI.

And just how did that bikini shoot come about?

"We get magazines in the mail. We also go shopping, and we see the Vogue magazines and everything like that. Even as a small child I always dreamed of doing it," said Kate.

Breaking Amish premieres on TLC Sunday.