Caught On Camera: Mom vs Peeping Tom

When a young mom found out a man had taken pictures up her skirt while she was checking out at a convenience store, she didn't let him get away quietly. INSIDE EDITION talks to the mom about the incident.

A mom was shopping at a gas station convenience store as a man behind her slipped his cell phone beneath her skirt and shot a video, and it was all caught on tape.

She had no idea what happened but as she was leaving the store, she was alerted by two customers outside who saw everything.

The victim, Fallon Fraker, is talking about the disturbing incident for the first time.

"My initial reaction was, somebody give me a baseball bat," said Fraker.

 "When I saw the video it was pretty terrifying."

She sensed that the guy seemed to be following her.

"When I got my water I came here to pick up some gum. I said to him, ' Well, you can go ahead and go because i'm not ready,' and he said, 'no, no, you go.'  I was waiting to pay and he came and got directly in line behind me."

When she was told what had happened inside the Houston area gas station, feisty Fallon confronted the pervert face-to-face.

"I confronted him in the parking lot. I demanded that he give me the phone and he said he didn't take any pictures. He jumped on his bike and took off as fast as he could," said Fraker

Police are still searching for the brazen weirdo, aided by the shocking surveillance tape.

"I hope he has to register as a sex offender and the punishment is harsh," said Fraker.