Andy Dick, Breaking and Entering?

Unpredictable comedian Andy Dick has apparently done it again, reportedly making a surprise appearance in the home of a Los Angeles resident in the middle of the night. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

911 Operator: "Emergency. Hello?"

Caller: "Get him out! I have an intruder in my house."

A woman called 911 because there was a break-in was in progress, but you will never believe who the intruder reportedly was: comedian Andy Dick!

911 Operator: "What does he look like? Can you tell me?"

Caller: "He looks like well-to-do, actually. He looks like a rich white man."

The bizarre incident took place last week when the comedian allegedly barreled into a Los Angeles home in the middle of the night.

Caller: "All I know is he walked right into our house."

911 Operator: "He walked right in? What did he do when he walked in?"

Caller: "He said, 'I am not with the fire department.' He's absolutely loony. He's definitely wasted."

It's not the first time Andy Dick's strange behavior has landed him in the headlines.  He is facing charges of sexual battery after allegedly grabbing a man in a bar in January.

Caller: "I'm hearing the guy shouting. And I'm hearing my husband say to calm down. I'm very scared, please send the cops here now."

The situation escalated when the intruder walked off, headed for a neighbor's house.

Caller: "He's going over to somebody else's house right now."

Caller: "No, you can't follow him! Now my son is following him because he's going over to somebody else's house to do the same thing."

Andy Dick was not charged, and police reportedly gave him a ride home.