Three Women Say Secret Service Agent Was Living Secret Life

INSIDE EDITION talks to three women who say a top Secret Service agent was living a secret life with all of them while his wife and kids were at home.

Three beautiful women say they were deceived by a United States Secret Service agent.

Arthur Huntington is the same disgraced agent whose refusal  to pay a prostitute caused an international scandal for President Obama last April.

Now three of his former girlfriends are banding together to tell their stories exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

33-year-old Kelly Scruggs says she met Huntington at the Wild West bar in Waco, Texas. At the time he was assigned to a security detail protecting president George W. Bush.

According to the three women, Huntington lied about being divorced.

"I never saw a wedding ring," said Scruggs.

"He said he was divorced" all three women told INSIDE EDITION.

But Huntington wasn't divorced.  He was a married father of two living in a house outside Washington D.C.  Scruggs says he moved quickly to start a relationship with her.  She says she lived in his hotel room everytime he came to town to protect President Bush. That's where she took intimate photos.
Then in May 2008, the focus of the nation's attention turned to President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas outside Waco. And a new woman caught Huntington's eye.

"I met him on the day of Jenna Bush's wedding," said Holly Snow.

That's right, pretty 41-year-old Snow says she met Huntington when the agent was assigned to the security detail at the wedding of Jenna Bush.
It was at the same bar where he had first met Scruggs.

"He walks up and I'm like, ' Wow!' They don't make guys that look like that in Waco," said Scruggs.

And she says he told the same story to Snow.

Snow said, "He asked me if I was married, and I asked him, and he said, 'Oh separated.' "

Two months after they started dating, she grew suspicious and confronted him.

"I said 'You're still married aren't you?' He said 'Yeah' said Snow.

But Snow and Scruggs weren't the only pretty girls Huntington apparently had eyes for.

It was 2011. President Obama was now in office. He was on a state visit to Ireland. Huntington was off-duty having a drink at a nightclub in Dublin when he met exotic beauty, Cheryl Visser.  

Visser told INSIDE EDITION "He looked at me and he said 'You're not getting away from me this time.' He said 'You know Obama's in town? Well I'm with the Secret Service.' "

Visser says they arranged to get together again several months later for a romantic rendezvous in New York City.  She says she never would have dated him if she'd known he was a married man.

"I didn't want to be a mistress, I'm mad!" said Visser

All three women say they kept in touch with Huntington right up until his face suddenly appeared in newspapers around the world  as the Secret Service agent who embarrassed President Obama and caused that  international incident earlier this year in the South American nation of Colombia when he refused to pay a prostitute for services rendered.

It was only then that Scruggs and Visser found out that the man they had fallen for was married.

"I was very upset. Very, very upset," said Visser.

Huntington and seven other agents were either fired or forced to resign.

Alexander asked, "What would you say to him today?"

Scruggs replied "What were you thinking?"

Snow said  "I just want to slap you!"

Visser said "I don't get it. I don't get how someone like that who has the perfect job. Perfect little family. Why would you risk all of that to date other people on the side? That's what I don't understand."