Obama Bear-hugger Faces Backlash

The man seen around the world picking up President Obama in a bear hug is now facing a baclash against his restaurant from outraged citizens. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Backlash for the bear-hugger!

Pizza parlor owner, Scott Van Duzer is facing a boycott today, just for hugging the president.

Obama haters are flooding Yelp, the business rating website, with negative reviews of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta in Fort Pierce, Florida, in an attempt to hurt the Van Duzer's restaurant.

"I cringe at the thought of eating at big crapple pizza" wrote one reviewer, who has never even been to the restaurant.

"There is no way I would eat the pizza from this establishment even if it was free," wrote another.

The onslaught of negative reviews devastated his previous 5-star rating. Now, Yelp is deleting the negative reviews as soon as they appear.

Van Duzer's fans are on the counter-attack, flooding Yelp with 5-star reviews. Most of them haven't eaten at the place either.

"Hang in there, pizza man" writes one guy.

"Good pizza, great hugs!" wrote another.

The lift seen around the world is proving symbolic today. New polls show the president 5 to 7 points ahead of Mitt Romney.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Donald Trump, who had a warning for his fellow Republicans.

"The polls are starting to turn a little bit negative. The convention was not great. They're going to have to get tough and very smart, very quickly," said Trump.