Jessica Simpson's Baby Bikini Photo Sparks Controversy

Jessica Simpson sparked a controversy when she showed a photo of her baby wearing a bikini. Some say it's inappropriate, while others say it's perfectly normal. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Jessica Simpson is under fire after going public with a photo of her adorable baby girl, Maxwell wearing an itsy-bitsy yellow bikini.

It's being called "very disturbing" and "totally inappropriate" by one Child Welfare Agency in England.

Us magazine said "Jessica Simpson faces backlash after sharing Maxwell's bikini pic."

On The Talk, Dr. Phil said, "Oh come on, this bikini stuff with a four-month-old. We're so politically correct we have gotten stupid."

Now, INSIDE EDITION viewers are weighing in about the controversy on our Facebook page.

"This is just wrong and very sad," said one viewer.  

Another asks: "Why dress kids in what was meant to be sexy clothing for grown women?"

But a vast majority of our viewers call the photo "cute" and "adorable," and one adds "It's no different from what I have seen on other babies and toddlers at the pool or beach!"