Children Apalled By Mom's Breast Enlargement

Lacey Wildd started with an A-cup breast size and after 12 surgeries, she's now an L-cup. Even more shocking—she wants to go bigger, but her embarrassed kids are saying "No more." INSIDE EDITION talks to Lacey and her kids.

Everywhere 44-year-old mom, Lacey Wildd, goes she's the center of attention. Total strangers want to pose with her, the guys and the gals.

Wildd definitely seems to enjoy all the attention, but sometimes it can be difficult for her kids to experience.

Before Wildd headed to the mall dressed in a low cut outfit in Hollywood, Flordia, her teenage daughter Tori asked "You're going to the mall like that?"

"Yeah," said Wildd.

The shopping excursion turned into a spectacle, all to the mortification of Wildd's children, 7-year-old, Genevieve, and her 27 year-old look a like daughter, Ivy.

"Everyone swamped us," said Ivy.

A huge crowd formed. Folks of all ages whipped out their cell phones, taking videos and jostling for a picture with her until suddenly, it became overwhelming for Genevieve.
Wildd started out as an "A" cup, and has undergone a staggering 12 augmentations to reach a huge size "L" cup.

Wildd tells INSIDE EDITION, "My boobs are as big as a beach ball."

Believe it or not, Wildd says she wants to go even bigger. Yes bigger, to a "MMM." She earns her living making personal appearances at $2,000 a pop.

"I'm going to be one of the top five in the world," said Wildd.

The children were stunned when their mom broke the news that she intends to go even larger.

"I am embarrassed. No other moms have boobs that big. Like that's not a normal thing," said Wildd's daughter Tori.

The news resulted in a heated exchange with her teen daughter.

"People might think it looks tacky and not good looking anymore, and they just probably won't hire you." said Tori. "They'll hire you as a freak show."

"It hurts my feelings when she says I'm freaky. I know she loves me no matter what I look like," said Wildd.

Tori is not only embarrassed by her mom, she is worried about her.

"I'm afraid my mother could die, especially if she went bigger," said Tori.

Wildd was once hospitalized after her 22-pound implants tore a chest muscle and ruptured a vein.

"I know she says it's to help us but, I feel like enough is enough," said Tori

Wildd insists she's not addicted to plastic surgery, despite having had lip fillers, three Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, and those dozen breast augmentations.

Tori says she loves her mother, but is sick of people stopping to gawk at her mom.

"I think we know what the draw is. They have their own gravitational pull," said Wildd.

Tori isn't laughing, and was appalled with her mother's choice of outfits to go shopping.

If mom actually goes through on her promise to get even bigger, Tori said, "If she ever did that, I feel like I wouldnt even talk to her," said Tori. "That's going overboard."