Royals Plan to Sue French Magazine For Publishing Topless Photos of Kate

A French magazine has published topless photos of Princess Kate on vacation with Prince William at a private villa, and Buckingham Palace isn't looking the other way this time. INSIDE EDITION has the latest on how the Palace is handling the paparazzi c

It's a royal shocker of Kate Middleton topless, on the cover of a magazine.

Images of Kate and Prince William sunbathing, at what they thought was a private villa in the French countryside are rocking the Royal family, and they plan to sue.

CBS London correspondent Kelly Cobiella spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd.

Cobiella said, "They are not letting this one slide. They insist this is a breach of Catherine's privacy. They say she was on private land, and at a private pool when she removed her bikini top, she believed the only one to see it would be her husband—not the entire world!"

The photos were taken earlier this month at a 19th-century hunting lodge set on 640 acres in the French countryside.

Closer magazine claimed they were taken from a public road with a view of the villa. The magazine even took a jab at the entire Royal family by playfully referring to Prince Harry's recent bad-boy behavior in Las Vegas.

Closer said in a statement, "Harry started the fashion: these days, the Windsor’s take their clothes off."
The British newspapers are expressing outrage.  

The headline of The Guardian said, “Kate and William 'Furious' Over Topless Photos.”

The Sun said, “Kate Furious at French Magazine's Topless Photos Shock.”

William and Kate put on a brave front soon after learning about the photo spread, visiting a mosque in Malaysia during their tour of Southeast Asia.

In denouncing the photo spread, a spokesman for the couple said, "This incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales."

Boyd asked, "How does this situation compare with the late Princess Diana?"

Cobiella said, "That's the really touching point. Prince William, when he and Catherine married, always made it clear, he wanted to protect her from the paparazzi, protect her from becoming another Diana."