Lindsay Lohan Calls Out Amanda Bynes

After Amanda Bynes' recent encounters with California police, Linday Lohan took to Twitter asking why she went to jail for such offenses but Bynes has not. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is getting it from all sides—first from the cops and then, unbelievably, from Lindsay Lohan.

Sunday morning, Burbank, California, cops pulled Bynes over for driving with a suspended license. She got a ticket and had to hitch a ride home because they impounded her new black BMW.

This came just two days after Bynes was in a fender bender in West Hollywood. She has apparently been driving illegally for the last 10 days. The state suspended her license following a DUI arrest.

Now, Lohan who has famously faced her own legal battles took to Twitter blasting Bynes.

Lohan tweeted, "Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has had no punishment so far?"

Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.