Royal Couple Sue Photographer Over Topless Photos

More magazines are publishing topless photos of Princess Kate and Buckingham Palace says they will find the photographer who took the photos.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Are those shocking photos of a topless Kate Middleton about to be published in America?

That's the question today as the Royal scandal mushrooms. The topless photos have now been published in three countries—France last week and now in Ireland and Italy.

The Italian magazine Chi published an astonishing 26 pages of the photos Monday. The defiant Italian editor vowed, "not even a direct call from the Queen" would stop him from publishing the photos. 

The ladies of The View had different takes on Kate's situation.

Barbara Walters said, "You have to be extra careful."

"Does it mean you don't go outside?" asked Sheri Shepherd.

"No, it doesn't mean she shouldn't go outside. But it means she has to be aware and maybe not go sunbathing," said Walters.

On The Talk, Aisha Tyler sympathized with Kate, saying, "I think that's the saddest thing about this, that for Kate, what she just learned is that she can't be naked anywhere but the shower from now on."

But check this out. The exact spot where the photos were shot is so far away from the French Chateau where Kate and William were staying, it's barely visible without a huge telephoto lens.

As the uproar spreads, Kate and William are in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Ironically, they were greeted by bare-chested women in traditional grass skirts. Kate had an attack of the giggles when she met the islanders.

Kate later wore a locally-made, off-the-shoulder dress left in her hotel room as a gift. The couple looked relaxed, but their calm appearance masked their inner fury over the topless photos. Their lawyers went to court in France Monday to demand that the paparazzi who took the pictures be imprisoned.

A woman who had been named in some publications as the photographer has gone into hiding, insisting she didn't take the topless shots.

Whoever the photogrpaher turns out to be, a Buckingham Palace spokesman vowed, "We will find him."